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I just made an iMovie video called Elizabethans.

I have put all my Elizabethan Characters together. Why am I so attracted to this period? I think it is the theatricality and the magnificent apparel. Originally I started drawing with inks and bleach and adding gold. I then experimented drawing onto porcelain using oxides and under-glazes. They were then put in the kiln and had a high porcelain firing.

This is when the magic happened for me. The unpredictable fusing of the glazes gave some amazing results as well as rubbish. This excites me and I have continued to use this method. I make my own porcelain tiles and paint the simple images onto them. When I open the kiln it is always with fingers crossed. So I put my Elizabethans together with music for a Galliard dance to make my short video. I love the miniature work of Nicholas Hilliard, “Selfies” of their time.

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Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose (injected humour and the like).

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I hate the business side of art. I always just want to play. I starting to set up my website with help. I tried on my own but kept hitting road blocks. It seems this media side has to be part of your practice. Skylark gallery now has Shopify and I reluctantly joined.

Partly to do with the amount of work is involved uploading ,photographing tagging, seos and algorithms. I still haven’t a clue what they do but am told it is a must. I am so grateful there are people at Skylark Gallery who are leading us into the Twenty First century.

The newsletter is really informative. Last Sunday Gill Hickman did a live Q&A with Joel a new artist. It was fab, I learnt so much about her use and choice of paper in her practice.

She also does a Qigong meditation class which I will join. Still Snowing and cant get to my studio.

Reading Jail

It’s the beginning of the year and time to start a new enquiry. About 6 years ago I went to an exhibition in Reading Jail as it had recently closed. This was where Oscar Wilde was imprisoned for Indecency and sentenced to 2 years hard labour. While inturned he wrote a long love letter called De Profundus to his boyfriend Lord Alfred Douglas, known by his nickname of Bosie. The poem was a way of rationalising his love and suffering, ‘Where there is suffering there is holy ground.’ In jail Wild was always referred to as prisoner 4099.

The experience of seeing his cell was haunting for me. This prison in later years housed hunger strikers from Northern Ireland

However, what really struck me were the Victorian photos of prisoners taken as a record when they were first admitted. They were photographed in their own clothes and all struck the same position of displaying their hands in front of them. There were young and old, male and female. Why were the hands placed in this unnatural pose?

The photographs were taken for two reasons: the identification of the criminal classes and to support theories about criminal physiology.

Most of the photographs show prisoners with their hands on their laps. This is because of theories about the shape of the skull and hands of criminals. These pictures fed into the cod psychology of the day. Theories of anthropological criminology: the idea that a person is born criminal and that such tendencies can be identified by physical indicators, was fuelled by analysis of criminal mugshots by Alphonse Bertillon and Hans Gross.

These images are printed onto silk
These are pen and ink drawings. Will continue to explore this enquiry